About Athena Construction Group

Our Commercial Management:
Athena Construction Group is both a General Contractor that specializes in Site Construction, as well as a subcontractor that self-performs various scopes of work.

Our strengths include working with public municipalities, governmental agencies and developing relationships within the private sector. We strive for repeat initiatives with clients and that is accomplished based upon our aptitude for detail.

In today's construction world, documentation and timely paperwork are as critical as any other aspect of the construction project. Jobs stop if a management team is not well trained on the importance of timely, accurate documentation. We at Athena Construction Group take great pride in delivering a staff of managers that meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

We believe in narrowing our focus of performance so we can be great at a few objectives rather than just being mediocre at many.

We confidently build CIP walls, hardscapes, landscapes, fountains, ponds, cisterns, wells, pumps and complete athletic facilities.